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Service Area

Abbotsford and Mission
Yarrow and very limited service in west Chilliwack

We do charge a travel fee, +$2 to +$4, for the west or east ends of Abbotsford and the outskirts of Mission, Yarrow, and up to +$10 for Chilliwack (up to Evans).

Service area map of Abbotsford and Mission

Full Service Area for Abbotsford:
•    West of No. 3 Rd.
•    East of Station Rd./276th (Aldergrove border)
•    North of the border & south of the Fraser River


Full Service Area for Mission:
•    South of Dedney Trunk Rd. and Ferndale Ave.
•    West of Sylvester Rd.
•    East of Wren St.
•    North of the Fraser River


To reduce our travel costs there is a small Travel Fee if you live in West Abbotsford, on Sumas Prairie, or in the outskirts of Mission.

Extra Travel Fee for Abbotsford +$2 per visit:
•    West of Mt. Lehman Rd.
•    East of Cole Rd.


Extra Travel Fee for Mission +$2 to +$4 per visit:
•    West of Hurd
•    East of Stave Lake St.
•    North of Egglestone/Dewdney Trunk Rd.

Yarrow (cat and creature sitting) +$4 per visit:

  • Service up to Simmons Rd.


Chilliwack +$4 to +$10 per visit:

Limited availability - cat and creature sitting only

  • Service up to Evans Rd.

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and Mission since 2011
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