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Cat and Creature Care

We offer 'drop in' Pet Sitting, Cat Sitting, and Creature Sitting visits for ALL your pets including cats, birds, fish, snakes, lizards, arachnids, frogs, turtles, mice, rats, hamsters, ferrets, guinea pigs, rabbits, chickens, goats, and more!

If you have a llama contact us a.s.a.p. !!

We go to YOUR home! 'Drop in' visits are between 7:30 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. 7 days a week.

Abbotsford, Mission, & Yarrow BC.

Quick Pet Visit

15 to 20 minutes

$26* per visit

Suitable for cats or other creatures who do not need or like much personal attention. There is enough time for basic chores, then we can cuddle or play if they are interested.

*Travel fee zone $28-$30

Basic Pet Visit

30 minutes

$28* per visit

Suitable for cats or other creatures who like or need more attention, playtime, and care (medicine, time to eat, clean up, etc.).

*Travel fee zone $30-$32

Extended Pet Visit

60 minutes

$38* per visit

Suitable for cats or other creatures who need a lot of exercise or attention, multi-pet homes, and small hobby farms.

*Travel fee zone $40-$42

All the services listed above include:

  • House Check-In services including bringing in mail, deliveries, and newspapers, security checks inside and out, adjusting lights or blinds, putting out the garbage (the day before), and watering a moderate amount of house plants (if you have more of a jungle see below for add-on prices!)

  • Cleaning up pet messes and cat litter, spot cleaning terrariums/cages

  • Personal attention, cuddles, playtime

  • Feeding and fresh water

  • Health monitoring

  • Medication if needed (pet must be cooperative!)

  • Feeding fish

Some extras!

Express Pet 

5 to 10 minutes

$24* per visit

Suitable for just one healthy pet, a shy cat who may hide or another creature who does not need any handling and is easy to feed. 

*Travel fee zone $26-$28


$28* per errand

Pet food or supply pick up,

visit to the vet, etc.

*Travel fee zone $30-$32

Add Ons

Extra time:

+ 30 minutes


for playtime or cuddles, watering plants, snow clearing, etc.

Pampered Pet Package:


a new toy or favourite treat

Full Litter Box Deep Clean:

+$24 up to $42

a thorough cleaning of litter boxes and litter box zone

How can we help?

Do you travel a lot for work or are you going away on vacation and need someone to take care of your pets?


Are your friends or family unable to check on the pets when you go away?

Do you have a lot of different pets and it is hard to find someone to take care of them all?

Do you typically board your pets but they find it very stressful, will not eat, or take a long time to recover when you bring them home?

Does your pet have a health concern and you want someone with experience to check on them when you are gone?

Join the @furryornot gang and we can help you and your pets

whenever you need us.

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Serving Abbotsford
and Mission since 2011
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