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We offer private on-leash dog walks and potty breaks.


Abbotsford & Mission BC only.

We will visit your dogs at your home to let them out for a potty break or take them out on a private on-leash 'sniffari' in your neighbourhood when you are unable to walk them, are busy at work, out at an event, or for extra exercise. The walk is tailored to your dog's energy level and interests. 

The @furryornot gang dogs range in size and activity level. We welcome all dogs including seniors, active young adults, and puppies!

Pick whichever option works best for you and your dog:

30 minutes

$28 per walk

Travel fee zone $30-$32

*Our most popular option*

45 minutes

$33 per walk

Travel fee zone $35-$37

60 minutes

$38 per walk

Travel fee zone $40-$42

Shorter potty breaks only

20 minutes

$26 per walk

Short on-leash walk, focusing on important business!

Travel fee zone $28-$30 

Doggy Business Break

15 to 20 minutes

$26 per visit

Suitable for up to 3 dogs, yard time only OR a very short walk if all dogs can walk well together. 

Travel fee zone $28-$30

Express Pee

5 to 10 minutes

$24 per visit

Suitable for just one dog that needs a quick pee in the yard. No walk, and no dilly dallying!

Travel fee zone $26-$28

How can we help?

Do you have a long work day and your dog is bored at home? Do they chew your shoes, furniture, or something worse when you are gone?

Do you have a lot on your plate and no time to take your dog out on their walk?

Do you have a puppy or a senior dog that need an extra potty break when you are out?

Does your dog have a health concern and you want someone to check on them when you are out for the day?

Do you have mobility issues and need help with your dog?

Do you just want your dog to have more fun, be active, and get more socialization out and about?

Join the @furryornot gang and we can help you and your dog

whenever you need us.

The 'sniffari' basics:

  • Dogs are walked on-leash and only up to 2 dogs at a time (from the same household).

    • Exceptions may be made for small dogs or dogs that walk really well together. We can assess manageability at the Introductory Walk.

  • We will stick to the immediate neighbourhood to maximize our time.

  • We are a bit indulgent and think of our walks as 'sniffaris' and will go at your dog's pace!

  • Walks are rain or shine, unless requested otherwise.

  • In extreme heat or snowy and icy conditions we reserve the right to cancel walks or modify the visit to just a shorter potty break. This is to ensure our safety and the safety of the dogs.

  • There is no weekly minimum.

  • We walk dogs between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. everyday, even on weekends!

  • We are happy to accommodate shift workers, evening visits (up to 8 pm), and help out as much as needed.

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Serving Abbotsford
and Mission since 2011
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