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Furryornot Petcare offers 'drop in' pet sitting visits in the pet's own home and private on-leash dog walks in Abbotsford and Mission British Columbia. Our pet visit service hours are from 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. and regular dog walks are between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., 7 days a week.

We do charge a travel fee above the standard price, +$2 to +$4, for the west or east ends of Abbotsford and the outskirts of Mission, Yarrow, and up to +$10 for Chilliwack (up to Evans).

Furryornot Petcare clients are responsible for ensuring their home and yard is safe and secure for their pets before they leave. The Furryornot Pet Sitter is responsible for maintaining the safety of the home for the pets during their stay, and will do their utmost to ensure the pet remains safe and healthy.


  • We will treat your pet with kindness and give them all the attention possible while we are at your home, or out on a walk.

  • We will provide pet visits between 7:30 a.m. and 9:30 p.m. to provide as much flexibility as possible. Regular dog walks will be between 8 am and 8 pm. Specific visit time frames are on a first come first serve basis.

  • We will maintain your pets’ regular schedule as close as possible, particularly if medication is needed, but there may be some unavoidable time variance due to traffic and the needs of other pets in our care.

  • We cannot guarantee an exact arrival time.

  • We will ensure your pet is safe and your home is secure when we leave.

  • We will notify you or your emergency contact if anything unexpected happens to your pet or home.

  • If your pet suddenly needs serious medical attention we will take them to your vet or the local emergency clinic. In the event that you do not authorize us to do so it is imperative that you or your emergency contact can be reached by phone at any time.

Keys can be kept on file with Furryornot Petcare for convenience. They will be kept safe, under lock and key, and coded to ensure privacy. With your approval, we would prefer to keep an extra copy available should the original key get misplaced to ensure we can enter your home on our next pet visit as scheduled. We also ask that you provide a local emergency contact that also has a key or have a secure spot to put a spare key in case the original key is lost, missing, or the primary pet sitter has an emergency and we need to send a substitute to fill in.
There is a key pick up fee of $24, round trip (pick up and drop off), or $14 one-way. The fee will be waived if we are able to take the key at the initial consultation or visit and keep it on file for future visits.
If needed, ask us about renting our key lock box for a secure spot to leave your key.


If your pet does get injured or becomes ill during the pet-sitting engagement Furryornot Petcare will contact your pet’s veterinarian, and take them in for treatment if needed, with the permission of you or your emergency contact. Additional charges will apply depending on the length of treatment, drive time, and any additional care recommended by the vet.
Please inform your veterinarian that Furryornot Petcare will be caring for your pet while you are away, particularly for any pets with existing medical conditions. If possible, please provide a letter of consent to confirm that Furryornot Pet Sitters are caring for your pets and authorize unexpected emergency care in advance.


We accept cash, Interac e-Transfers via e-mail to, or Paypal payments. We also now have the option to accept credit card payments through our scheduling software. 


We also ask for a deposit of 50 % of the estimated value of pet care. The rest can be settled upon your return.

Please allow as much time as possible to process your cancellation. If you are cancelling the day of the visit due to an emergency please call or text 604-302-1780 (text is preferred) as soon as possible.

If Furryornot Petcare is not notified of a trip cancellation more than 48 hours before the initial pet visit, if we are already on the way to your home, or we have already arrived, you will be billed a minimum charge of $50.00* to cover our time, loss of income, and any travel costs incurred.
*This will increase to $60 for any booking that falls between December 20 – January 2.

The cancellation fee for regular dog walking clients or for miscellaneous visits (such as a potty break) is $24.00. This will apply if notice is not given by the evening before the scheduled walk/visit.


In extreme inclement weather, such as a snowstorm, it may be necessary to shorten the walk or cancel the walk altogether. If the roads are not cleared or the sidewalks are too icy it is just not safe for us or your dog. If your dog still needs a pee break and we are able to get safe transportation to your place we will let them out in the yard instead. 

For other pet visits, will we do our utmost to get to your place and care for your pet. However, we may not be able to maintain the same schedule as originally requested. Your invoice will be adjusted accordingly if we need to shorten or cancel any visits. 

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