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Get to Know Us

Jennifer is crouching next to Parker, a blond dog, and Cheddar, an orange dog, is jumping up and licking her face

My name is Jennifer, a Certified Professional Pet Sitter, and I launched Furryornot Petcare in 2011 here in Abbotsford, BC. Being an animal lover my whole life, the chance to work with animals was a dream come true.


At the time I was still missing my dog Clyde that had passed away and had my cat Hal.  Since then Ziggy, Bean, Little Crab, and Moxie have joined the Home Office gang. Furryornot Petcare has grown and now myself and our Helpurrs enjoy working with our extended family of @furryornot gang members every day.

We are bonded, licensed, and insured.

The @furryornot Home Office Gang

Special appearance by Nevaeh, a beloved @furryornot gang member. 

About Jennifer, owner of Furryornot Petcare

I have spent my whole life being an animal lover. Starting with my cat Sissy, a 3 year old me pestered my Dad until he relented and allowed her to join our family. I loved Koalas, turtles, cats, all the neighbour's dogs, and watched nature programs on T.V. I finally got a dog when I was in University, his name was Clyde and together we learned exactly how many things can be chewed and the joy of squirrels and tummy rubs. Eventually we got Hal a gorgeous cat who needed a home and who Clyde tolerated. After Clyde passed Hal and I lived alone but I enjoyed volunteering at the local zoo and planned a trip to Africa where I could volunteer with animals. I also worked casually at my friend's kennel when they needed help and discovered how enjoyable working with dogs really is.


I launched Furryornot Petcare back in 2011 and have learned a lot since then. Now I am a cat mom of 3, have a Hermit Crab, and get my dog fix by visiting the canine @furryornot gang members regularly. My passion is learning as much as I can in order to provide excellent care of ALL pets! And if you have a llama please call a.s.a.p., it is my personal dream to add llama sitter to my resume. So far I have been a cat sitter, dog sitter, bird sitter, chicken sitter, goat sitter, turtle sitter, fish sitter, guinea pig sitter, rabbit sitter, lizard sitter, snake sitter, frog sitter, rat sitter, ferret sitter, and pig sitter. It is a long list but I am happy to meet new animals and learn all about them. 


2011 - Present

Certified Professional Pet Sitter

Pet Sitters International Member

2019 - Present

Petsit Pro Online Training

I became a member of Pet Sitters International in 2011 and completed their Certified Professional Pet Sitter course. We have to recertify every 3 years which includes professional development and training to hone our pet care skills. 

Additional training including courses Canine Body Language and Play; Why Cats Stop Using the Litter Box; Separation Anxiety 101; Administering Medications to Pets Using Fear Free Strategies; Reptile Care; Recognizing Symptoms of Pain in Cats; Safety Concerns for Senior Pets

2011 - Present

Pet First Aid Certification

St. John's Ambulance

Dogsafe Canine First Aid

Pet Safety Crusader Pet First Aid

Pet First Aid is a component of the Certified Professional Pet Sitter course, then I subsequently completed Pet First Aid courses with St. John's Ambulance, Dogsafe, and most recently with the Pet Safety Crusader. 

Most recently I completed the Rabbit and Pocket Pet First Aid and the Bird First Aid & Care for Pet care Professionals. Both were through Pet Sitters Internation and the Pet Safety Crusader. 


Working with Dogs course

Certificate of completion
Custom Canine

This was a 2 day course with dog trainer Kathy Gibson focusing on dog body language, how to approach dogs, and how to manage fearful dogs. 

Other Animal Related Experience

Volunteer Experience: Greater Vancouver Zoo, Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

Work Experience: Fairfield Kennels

Personal Experience: Cat Mom since age 3 - Sissy, Hal, Ziggy, Bean, Moxie & Ramses; Dog Mom for 14 years - Clyde; Hermit Crab mom since 2016 - Mr. Crab & Little Crab; Foster mom for 6 months - Murphy and Lucy

Jennifer with the animals

These are photos of some memorable animal interactions and Sissy who started it all.

Furryornot Petcare Logo and tagline
Serving Abbotsford
and Mission since 2011
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